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Personlised Just For You

Created with you in mind to form unique homewares styled in your chosen colours to suit you and your home interior, helping you feel more at home and more you. Personalised homewares make the perfect gift for weddings, thank you gifts, birthdays and anniversaries with additional personalised writing if you wish. Why not add matching coasters, resin condiment bowl and any other homewares from my More Me Homewares range to create the perfect gift set!







Commissioned original art pieces can also be created just for you! To brighten up your home or work space. Enriching your life by removing those blank walls. All you need to do is choose the medium style you prefer as well as your colours and the size of the art piece. 


It's that easy! A great addition to any kitchen, bedroom, lounge or even your bathroom. Fill in your details below and what you would like me to create for you and I can get back to you.




commission art personalised unique original