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My name is Bec! 
I am the face of Belong Design. I am an Australian Artist creating unique original fluid artwork, resin homewares! I offer something a little different, unique and one of a kind. Brightening up your home and helping you feel more at home and more you.
I have always had a passion for creating, whether that be art, sculpture, or building furniture. I love to see the enjoyment beautiful art and design can bring to people and their homes. Knowing they will enjoy them for many years to come is fantastic. 
ART: My style is eclectic and free flowing. I'm inspired by human emotions and the natural world around us. My art is guided by my intuitive and spontaneous nature. A diverse colour palette is used through out my art to evoke different emotions and environments. I work with a variety of mediums often using resin and acrylic paint as they both have a unique fluid form that best imitates emotions in an abstract way. My love for the ocean is present in my art style as I enjoy it's raw unpredictable beauty. The ocean provides me with inspiration for much of the movement and colours in many of my pieces.
DESIGN: This same free flowing nature is applied to my homeware style. Offering unique designs and colours which offer beauty and function. Gorgeous useable items that are a must in you're home to make you feel more at home and more you!
I love to use recycled furniture, glassware, homewares, boards and frames for some of my art, recycled packaging and recycled containers for mixing the paints. Always working hard for a more sustainable world.