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An Australian Resin Artist based in Somerton Park,  South Australia. Creating ocean inspired art and incorporating my love for resin and timber in a range of homewares. I enjoy the oceans raw unpredictable beauty and it's beautiful colours.
Creating, drawing, designing and crafting has always been a passion of mine from an early age. Influenced by my parents i followed my passion through studying Interior Design and also Furniture Design, which is another love of mine. I worked in the building industry for 12 years helping others design and make selections for their bathrooms and kitchens. As much as i enjoyed my job, i new i had another calling. 
I'm so thankfull i get to earn a living doing what i love. I never believed it was possible, but it just goes to show if you follow your passions and always make time to do what you love, plus lots of hard work, you can get there. 
Each piece created is carefully planned, designed and hand made, brightening up your home and helping you feel more at home and more you. Every art and homeware item is one of a kind, so no one else will ever have the same as you. Resin is a wonderful medium which has a mind of its own which is part of the wonderful patterns that can be created and why every piece is so unique. 

I fell in love with resin art and just had to share my passion with others. I started running Resin Art Workshops monthly and I love seeing the joy it brings people and how diverse this medium is. It is so rewarding and so much fun.
I don't think I'll ever get tired or bored with it.