Bec is an Australian Artist based in Somerton Park, South Australia. She loves creating ocean inspired art using resin as her main medium of choice. She believes resin is the most beautiful medium to really capture the oceans vibrant colours and moving forms.

Resin often has a mind of its own which is part of the wonderful patterns that can be created and why every piece is so unique. This is one way resin captures the oceans raw unpredictable beauty and it's tranquil colours. 

The incorporatation of resin and timber in a range of useable arty homewares can add a unique splash of colour to any interior. Bec often uses recycled materials such as timber, glass and left over resin to create unique pieces. As she is very passionate about reusing, recycling and upcycling.

Each piece created is carefully planned, designed and hand made, brightening up your home and helping you feel more at home and more you. Every art and homeware item is one of a kind, so no one else will ever have the same as you.

Bec fell in love with resin several years ago and just had to share her passion with others, to inspire the creative side we all have. She started running Resin Art Workshops and loved seeing the joy it brings people. Inspiring others to get creative again and find their inner spirit is a large focus. The workshops are so rewarding and so much fun for everyone involved. Bec feels it really aids in healing our minds and helping to let go.