Forever inspired by the ocean


Australian Artist creating fluid artwork using mainly resin and incorporating my love for resin in a range of homewares giving your interior a splash of colour and function! The More Me Homewares range adds something a little different, unique and one of a kind. Brightening up your home and helping you feel more at home and more you.
My passion for creating comes from a life long love of Art and Design, which was firstly inspired by her parents and followed by studying Furniture Design and Interior Design. At heart I am a life long Self Taught artist.
My art is free flowing and Inspired by the ocean and the natural world around us. The Art is guided by intuition and spontaneity. My love for the ocean is present in my art style as I enjoy it's raw unpredictable beauty. The ocean provides me with inspiration for much of the movement and colours in many of my pieces.
This same free flowing nature and colour palette is applied to my homeware range. Offering unique designs and colours which offer beauty and function. Gorgeous useable items that are a must in you're home to make you feel more at home and more you!
I love to use recycled furniture, glassware, homewares, boards and frames for some of my art, recycled packaging and recycled containers for mixing the paints. Always working hard for a more sustainable world.