Experiment on Canvas

I've been set a challenge by my supplier to create something beautiful with their resin "Art Resin". So of course I accepted the challenge, I'm always up for a challenge.

 I love the ocean as you all may know if you follow me, so i will be creating a more subtle Ocean Scene. Cooler lighter colours.

I normally pour my resin on to a wooden art board as it has a hard surface to hold the weight of the resin..... but i thought i would test out a professionally stretched canvas to see how the resin pours.

I have poured several art pieces on to canvas, using resin, i have packed out the pack with cardboard for support, but it still slumped slightly in the middle as the resin was poured. It took 4 layers of resin for it to properly level out and go over the sides. 


But maybe a professionally stretched canvas is different..........



First Layer 

 Now this was unsupported underneath...... it held up pretty well, however it did pool slightly towards the middle and change my ocean scene a bit. You can also see the edges are a little thin of colour and resin,  due to the pooling.


So.... I'm pouring a second layer


Second Layer 


Here we are much better! I guess a second layer helps and i also propped the middle up with a container this time which supported the canvas. 


So experiment done! You can pour on to canvas, however, support the canvas from underneath and probably pour 2 layers of resin to get the desired coverage.